Los productos de CDB actualmente sólo se encuentra disponible para los clientes en los Países Bajos.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive component of the hemp plant. CBD is usually extracted as an oil, for one of the quickest and easiest ways of taking CBD.

Conscious CBD oil comes from the highest quality providers with standardized cannabidiol content.

CBCrystals (CBDirective)

CBCrystals by CBDirective is a pure CBD extract independently tested at a sky-rocketing 99.6% Enjoy the soothing effects of CBD in a new way,

Available in: powdered (without terpenes) with hemp terpenes without hemp terpenes


CBD CBJells (CBDirective)

CBD oil by CBDirective, now available in practical and tasteless gel caps.

Available in: 20 capsules 10 capsules

CBD CBJells Tumeric (CBDirective)

CBD oil by CBDirective, now available with a nice dose of Turmeric.

CBD CBPets (CBDirective)

CBD-rich salmon oil with Omega-3 & 6 is a nutritional food supplement to support the health and wellness of your pet.

CBD CBTea Chakra Chai (CBDirective)

An organic blend of CBD-rich hemp and Indian Chai that provides a complex aromatic experience.

CBD CBTea green jasmine (CBDirective)

CBTea Green Jasmine, an organic blend of CBD-rich hemp and high-grade Chinese jasmine green Tea.

CBD CBTea Orange Pekoe (CBDirective)

The CBTea range expands with this delightful Darjeeling black tea.

CBD CBTea Power (CBDirective)

CBTea Power is an organic blend of CBD-rich hemp and a number of tea varieties that provides a complex aromatic experience that is naturally caffeine-free.

CBD CBTea Royal Winter's Dream (CBDirect...

The ultimate winter tea experience from CBDirective.

CBD CBTea sampler (CBDirective)

CBTea Blended CBD Tea Sampler presents an easy way to discover the complete CBTea line by CBDirective.

CBD full spectrum hemp seed oil (Procare...

Full spectrum CBD hemp oil - pure, natural and easy to dose.

CBD full spectrum Nigella sativa oil (Pr...

Full spectrum CBD extraction in black cumin oil which has a smoother taste compared to other CBD oils.

CBD oil 3.0% (Sensi Seeds)

CBD oil extract (3%) diluted in hemp oil. With the dropper it's easy to use, making a CBD dose available whenever and wherever needed.

Available in: 10 ml, English label 30 ml

CBD oil 5.0% (Sensi Seeds)

Organic CBD oil extract (5%) diluted in hemp oil.

Available in: 30 ml 10 ml

CBHerb Pouch (CBDirective)

CBHerb is a unique CBD rich herbal supplement that can be used in many ways.

CBMocha (CBDirective)

CBMocha is ground Arabica coffee infused with CBD.

Available in: 100 g 50 g

CBVeta coconut oil (CBDirective)

CBVeta CBD coconut oil is a 100% organic beauty product for hair and skin.

HemPower (CBDirective)

HemPower by CBDirective is an organic hemp based protein powder that is easy to use.